Some Donation for earthquake in Lombok

After earthquacke in Lombok Starting at 28nd July 2018 many fictims in North lombok, east lombok, west Lombok. Lombok Explorer Got Some Dotanion From Pengembara Emas (singapore ) IDR. 64.432.000,- , Mr. Idros IDR. 6.383.000,- Mr. Daniel IDR. 500.000,- , Mr.wee, Mrs. Lee wei.

All of the donation was Distributed to the victims :

Start On  2nd August 2018, Lombok explorer Terpal (plastic) for make Tent to 10 people in sembalun Village, at 3 August 2018 Lombok explorer, give rice, age, vagetable, drinking water for peoples in senaru Village, 9and August 2018, Lombok Explorer Give drinking water, Rice, breads, Noodle soap, egg, vagetable, to Nourth Lombok and east Lombok .

14and August 2018 Lombok explorer Gived Noodle soap, rice and terpal (platik) for make tent to victims in west lombok at Gelogor Village.

16nd August 2018 Lombok Explorer sent Terpal, Rice, Noodle soap, and fish to Nourth lombok, 4nd september 2018 Lombok explorer Give Book , Pencil and bolpoin for student in Gunung sari west Lombok.

At 8nd sept 2018 Lomok explorer send Blanket, Rice, and Mukenah to North Lombok,

On 11st october 2018 Lombok Explorer sent rice, pampers, to north Lombok, and give cash Money to our Trekking guide to make amergency home,

16nd october 2018 we give money to 16 people in west Lombok to make emergancy home,

27nd october 2018 Lombok explorer give rice and cement, wood roof to people in Gunung sari west lombok.